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But you should also be careful from back biter. They may spoil your happy moments. You may be out of station for some time during third week of the month. Constipation, gastric or problems in feet may give you problem. Your father may also suffer from health and mental depression. Siblings would be in your favour and give you full support. There may be some marital disharmony with your spouse. You should try to calm her and try to spend some good time with her; so that she can feel comfortable.

Detailed Monthly astrology predictions for November by astrologer Shakti Shiromani Shukla

Your house may resonance by the shrieks of new born baby. This occasion will help your family members to gather and spend some moments of happiness and joy. I am seeing new partnership and responsibilities which you will have to shoulder.

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It will help you to sharpen your abilities and qualities. Career wise this month is going to be very good for you. Do homam by Kamal Gatta by chanding Lakshmi mantra during deewali night and offer modak to Lord Ganesha. You will have to put much more efforts to get you desired results than others. You should also get ready to face some failure during first half of this month. You may get some injury in vehicle do drive with care.

Parents will enjoy good health and spend good time with family. Siblings will give you unconditional favour and support. Relationship with spouse will be at peak of harmony and joy. Both of you will spend some good time with each other. He or she will take care of your very small happiness and understand your feelings and try her or his best to make you feel happy.

This month may not be very good in term of professional life. You may have to face so much burden of work load. If you are a businessman this month will give you tension to get back you money which is with others in form of debt.

I am warning you to avoid huge expenses; try to save money otherwise you may have to borrow money. You will enjoy great pleasure and memorable moments during this month. Health wise this month is very good. Your entire family including parents will enjoy this month.

You will get support of everyone. Your spouse will very lucky for you and lady luck will work for you. Both of you understand each other very well and connected soulfully. You should take her out for date or candle light dinner and make her feel happy. Both of you will enjoy this month.

Your professional life will be just ok this month; sometimes you will have handsome amount of money and feel happy while after some time you will be in tension due to liabilities which you have to fulfil. You may have to visit other places because of professional commitments. You should beware of friends.

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Never have blind faith on them. Chant mantra of Lord Ganesh and touch feet of your parents daily. Their blessings will take you on the path of success and peace. Offer Green grass to lord ganesha during puja of deewali and chant Ganesh Atharva Shirsham. Health wise this month is going to be very fabulous and you will enjoy good health while your parents may face some health issue, so take care of them.


Sibling will try to avoid you so that you may feel a little bit bad. But you also have to make her or him feel good. One important thing I am feeling that she or he may get a little bit hyper in just small things but this angriness is not going to be remaining for a long time and you know how to coax her or him. You may start a new business or expand it in other cities or state or you may travel in different state due to official work. So you are going to be very busy during this month. You should offer 16 white lotuses flowers to Goddess Laxmi and chant Kanak Dhara Strotra and lit a lamp of chameli oil or ghee entire night of deepawali.

Very good time is waiting for you, so you should get ready to grasp this golden opportunity. Your health will be as usual but take care of your teeth; you should maintain good level of hygiene inside your mouth and stop taking alcohol and smoking. You should also stop telling lie if you want your bright future. The Sun is your ruling body and it's co-operative trine to powerful Pluto, effectively combining your solar houses of work and reputation, can accompany professional offers or success around the 14th.

The Sun, so placed offers advancement in your daily routine and health also, via this Pluto connection. Accommodating Venus also hits the uppermost area of your solar chart from the 15th, which June bring vocational rewards, or for some the dream job, or vastly improved work relations.

There is one minor proviso.


Clear your mind before hitting the sack and gently release any of the day's tensions. Otherwise pesky Mars can have act like an unwelcome and unrelenting alarm clock. The Full Moon of the 19th can be putting some pressure on your home life. If you've been concentrating overly on your career, or out and about and spending less time at home, this period can act as a balance point.

It can also be bringing something to a climax for you, although this is more likely for birthdays later in the sign, around August Coincident with this Full Moon, the conjunction of Venus with Uranus in your status and career zone June correlated with sudden changes here, that June have a positive pay off materially. This more applies to birthdays around July 25 and close by. Get astrology answers to your zodiac sign. See your zodiac review in June, July.

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